Ron Miller

I started rapidly losing my remaining sexual sensitivity at age 52. By the age of 55, I had lost nearly all of my sexual sensation. Sex was merely a chore, and a difficult one at that with no feeling left in my penis. In contrast, my father, who was left intact, was sexually active until he was 80.

While doing research on the Internet, I found this loss of sensation was common among cut men. With further research, I learned about foreskin restoration. I started restoring at age 55. It took me 3 years to complete my restoration. Today, at age 58, I am fully restored and I have more sexual sensation than ever before in my life. Sex is more pleasurable than ever and it is no longer a chore. The sensations are not only much greater, they are more diverse in nature.

I had always thought that I had orgasms, but after restoring for a year, I had my first true orgasm. Orgasms now involve the entire body ; unlike the groin-oriented climaxes. I have them regularly now and I realize that previously I had only climaxes. Climaxes in no way compare to whole-body orgasms. Since discovering the difference, I am profoundly saddened that the majority of men in this country have not had sex as nature meant it to be, but are experiencing only a very pale imitation.

I hope in the future that this very damaging and barbaric procedure will cease to exist. I think it is important for parents to not blindly circumcise their sons due to custom, or religion, but to research the subject, and make an intelligent decision that is best for the child, not what make the parents feel good — remember this is not a harmless little snip, it is PAINFUL and damaging — our sons deserve better parenting than to deliberately harm them for nothing less than a medical necessity.

Children are not property, they are merely little people entrusted into our care. They have feelings and needs-one of which is to have their right to bodily integrity — simply good ethics and basic human rights and dignity.

Ron Miller, consultant- NORM-Pittsburgh
NORM (National Organization of Restoring Men) of Pittsburgh

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