Personal Stories

This is a collection of personal accounts submitted to us for display on These are the real-life experiences of people affected by circumcision, other childhood surgeries, and unnecessarily harmful encounters with the medical establishment.

These accounts are offered with the hope of increasing awareness, encouraging change within our society and the medical system, and alleviating the loneliness and isolation that people who have been affected by unnecessary genital surgeries may feel.

The mission of is to prevent harm and help healing. We realize that the personal, human element is the central part of our efforts. We hope the following individual accounts of the consequences of circumcision and other operations will help prevent the damage that genital cutting and a variety of unnecessary surgeries inflict upon people.

Following the Fear: An autobiographical account by Robert C Johnson of coming to understand the effects of infant circumcision on his life.

Susan, who was subjected to clitoral reduction surgery when she was an infant, speaks about her experience.

Circumcised as an adult, this man discusses the difference in sexual feeling between being intact and circumcised.

One person involved in starting NotJustSkin discusses her thoughts about circumcision.

Marion Tompson, founder of La Leche League, discusses her feelings about circumcision.

What I wish I had known by Marilyn Milos. The experience of a nurse whose first observation of infant circumcision horrified her.

My Position by Mark Reiss. MD. Mark discusses his experience investigating circumcision as he was about to become a grandfather. He is an active member of a Conserative synagogue.

Circumcision and the UTI Link A woman discusses her battle with chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs) and her belief that her UTIs were caused by sex with circumcised partners.

Ron Miller At 55, Ron Miller decided to restore his foreskin. He had been gradually losing sexual sensation and had lost nearly all of it. Ron served for several years as coordinator of the Pittsburgh chapter of the National Organization of Restoring Men, and is now a consultant for that chapter. Ron has also developed a theory of male erogenous response.

José F. Sánchez Valencia. Spain.

Nicole T. – mom to Keaton 7, Griffin 5, and Landon 2 (and beautifully intact)

Kim Bennett – Frederick, MD

You are welcome to submit your own personal story for consideration for inclusion here. We will accept a broad range of topics because we see that harm done as a result of unconsenting or uninformed surgery and the pursuit of healing from these injuries are a set of connected issues. Sharing your story may help you and others heal. Your story can be posted anonymously, or with name or contact information as per your preference.

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