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NotJustSkin supports the well-being of children, parents, and others. We understand well-being to include physical health, emotional wellness, and quality of interpersonal relationships.

NotJustSkin is not associated with any government or private corporation. To avoid conflicts of interest, NotJustSkin accepts no advertising; we do not collect information from visitors; and we do not share information with third parties. Our efforts are supported by your generosity.

The information provided on NotJustSkin.org is designed to support and inform, not replace, the relationship that exists between a site visitor and physician.

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Below are many of the people who have contributed time and effort in this work.


We thank these individuals for their assistance increasing accessibility by translating our material.

  • Andres Angulo, Spanish
  • Sandra Antunez
  • Aurélie Barbe, French
  • Isabel Clericus, Spanish
  • Beth Droppleman, Ph.D., French
  • Veronica Dubrucki, Spanish
  • Daniela Faundez, Spanish
  • Carmen Paz Fuentes, Spanish
  • David Gonzalez-Íglesias, Spanish
  • Celine Guerin, French and Spanish
  • Lilette Iturrieta, Spanish
  • Melanie Lamoureux, French
  • Monica Maturana, Spanish
  • Germán Mora, Ph.D., Spanish
  • Magdalena Olivera Tovar, Spanish
  • Lizette Ramirez, Spanish
  • Olgamaría Ramirez, Spanish
  • Sergio Romero, Spanish
  • Patricio Salgado, Spanish
  • Norma Solis, Spanish
  • Paulina Tapia, Spanish
  • Jennifer Torres, Spanish
  • Francisco Vega-Reyes, Ph.D., Spanish

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