Informational Material

Expecting?  This flier provides brief facts about birth-positive choices and encourages readers to learn more. En español

Circumcision Briefing: A freely distributable and highly-referenced presentation with data and figures about circumcision from a variety of angles, including inter-cultural, social, scientific, medical, surgical, and sexual.

Circumcision: History, science, and culture of genital alteration.  A Power Point presentation of the history, culture, and science of genital alteration by Ryan McAllister, Ph.D., Executive Director of NOCIRC of the Capital Region.  This presentation includes the historical background, anatomical details, purported benefits and risks, and post-operative consequences of circumcision, female genital cutting, and intersex gender assignment surgery. In HTML or PowerPoint format. Contact us request a presentation appropriate for your group.

Circumcision information and quotes leaflet. A two-page leaflet containing important facts about the effects of genital cutting, including references. This leaflet includes information and quotes about circumcision including:

    • Debunking medical myths
    • Social myths
    • Function myths
    • Other health effects
    • Notable quotes about circumcision

Download in PDF or Word/LibreOffice format. (español: PDF o Word/LibreOffice)

Brit Shalom flyer. A two-page flyer addressing the cultural and religious issues around the Brit Milah ceremony (in which circumcision is traditionally performed) and an alternative ceremony, Brit Shalom. Published by Jews Against Circumcision, this flyer includes references to Jewish laws that seem to prohibit circumcision. It also discusses how to preserve Jewish identity and deal with other concerns without the need for cutting. It is a non-cutting, nonviolent naming ceremony for newborn Jewish boys. It may be performed by a Rabbi or an experienced lay leader. If desired, providers can aid parents in devising their own ceremony. It is similar to the naming ceremony for girls.  Download in PDF format.

A Guide for Counseling Jewish Couples or Families in Disagreement about Circumcision in PDF format.  Counseling Couples in Disagreement about Circumcision: A Jewish Perspective appeared with minor editing in the Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, 17(1), Fall 2002, pp. 85-94.
by Laurie Evans, M.A.
New York Hudson Valley Center
National Organization Circumcision
Information Resource Centers

For Doctors, a brochure published by Doctors Opposing Circumcision discusses the issue from the physician’s perspective.
Does Being Born a Healthy Male Require Surgical Correction?
A flyer prepared by
Doctors Opposing Circumcision
2442 NW Market Street, Suite 42
Seattle, WA 98107

Human papillomavirus (HPV) An informative resource developed by the Down There Health Collective about HPV, Pap testing, cancer, Gardasil (the controversial HPV vaccine), and herbal treatment approaches.
HPV by the Down There Health Collective
We are the Down There Health Collective, a group of folks based in DC, trying to figure out our bodies, heads, health, and how to take care of ourselves and each other. A driving force behind the collective’s work is the desire to take back control of our own well-being from medical professionals and a profit-driven, government controlled health care industry. We recognize that we can know our bodies better than any “expert.” Learning how to take care of ourselves is vital to feeling good, being autonomous, and accomplishing whatever we set our minds to.

NOCIRC folletos en español

  1. Respuesta a Tus Preguntas Sobre la Circuncisión Infantil (English:  NOCIRC Information Series: Infant Circumcision – Answers to your questions about infant circumcision.)
  2. Respuesta a Tus Preguntas Acerca del Pene Intacto de Tu Niño (English:NOCIRC Information Series: Intact Penis – Answers to your questions about your son’s intact penis.)


  1. Answers To Your Questions About NOCIRC – NOCIRC Information Series: About NOCIRC:  This pamphlet describes NOCIRC, lists NOCIRC centers, and contains the Declaration of the First International Symposium on Circumcision.
  2. NOCIRC Resource GuideNOCIRC Information Series: NOCIRC Resource Guide: This pamphlet lists the pamphlets, articles, newsletters, and videos available from NOCIRC, and other resources as well.
  3. Answers To Your Questions about Infant Circumcision – NOCIRC Information Series: Infant Circumcision: This pamphlet provides a quick explanation of the issues surrounding infant circumcision. (español)
  4. Answers To Your Questions About Your Young Son’s Intact Penis – NOCIRC Information Series: Intact Penis:  This pamphlet answers questions often raised by parents of intact (non-circumcised) boys.  (español)
  5. Answers To Your Questions About Your Son’s Circumcised Penis – NOCIRC Information Series: Circumcised Penis:  This pamphlet answers questions often asked by parents about how to care for their baby after circumcision.
  6. Answers To Your Questions About Premature (Forcible) Retraction of Your Young Son’s Foreskin – NOCIRC Information Series: Premature Retraction:  This pamphlet answers questions often asked by parents about how to care for their son after the forced retraction of his foreskin.
  7. Answers To Your Questions About Avoiding Circumcision After the Neonatal Period – NOCIRC Information Series: Circumcision after the Neonatal Period:  This pamphlet answers questions parents have about avoiding unnecessary circumcision after the neonatal period.
  8. Answers to your questions about care of the intact penis in the geriatric / disabled population – NOCIRC Information Series: Geriatric / Disabled:  This pamphlet answers questions about the care of the intact penis in the geriatric/disabled population.
  9. Answers To Your Questions About Female Circumcision – NOCIRC Information Series: Female Circumcision:  This pamphlet answers questions about female genital cutting.

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