We facilitate a variety of workshops based on participant interest. Our workshops aim to support community wellbeing in particular topic areas, for example, relating with young people in ways that are joyful, present, mindful, respectful, and supportive of creativity, independence, and interdependence.

After a brief introduction, our workshops primarily use participant-driven discussion and interactive exercises. Most workshops can include nurslings and older children at the discretion and convenience of their caregiver(s).

If you would enjoy hosting a workshop or facilitated discussion for your circle of friends, classroom, school, church, workplace, or other group, email Ryan (ryan /the at sign/ While donations to support our efforts are welcome, we generally offer workshops as a free community service.

Example workshops in five categories are listed below:

Family and Parenting

  • Relating Joyfully with Children
  • Compassionate Communication with Family
  • Special Time and Playlistening
  • Settling Limits Effectively with Compassion
  • Listening Partnerships for Parents
  • Supporting Children through Adolescence
  • Supporting Children with Fear
  • Tantrums and Strong Feelings
  • Childhood and Gender/Sex

Transforming the Classroom

  • Working with Difficult Moments
  • Using Listening Partnerships in Class

Connection and Wellbeing

  • Genuine Listening
  • Authentic Communication
  • Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Naturalizing Compassionate Communication
  • Building New Relationships: Authentic communication in new friendships and romances
  • Strengthening Communication in Intimate Relationships
  • Connecting for Everyone — Reaching Beyond Gender Roles
  • Constructively Addressing Bias

Positive Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Infancy

  • Empowering Birthing Women and Partners
  • Ending Birth Violence
  • Green Birth / Green Parenting
  • Circumcision: Issues and Sensitivity
  • Beyond Gender/Sex: What Does Intersex Mean?

For Healthcare Providers

  • Navigating Consent Conversations for Healthcare Providers
  • Discussing an Elephant in the Hospital: Talking about Circumcision with Sensitivity and Courage

To provide more of a sense of what these workshops are like, here is a description of a general workshop:

Relating Joyfully with Children

In this interactive workshop, we aim toward the goal of relating with children in ways that are joyful, present, mindful, respectful, and supportive of both our own and children’s needs.

Through discussion and exercises, we’ll work together on actively engaging in healthy, nonviolent relationships with young people, including: being a good ally for children (our own or others’), identifying needs, being in touch with our needs, playfulness, using tools for support, recruiting resources, being a good ally for parents, and handling tantrums and other “uncomfortable” parenting experiences. We welcome all adults who would like to relate joyfully with children.

Presenter Bio: Ryan McAllister, Ph.D.

Ryan McAllister is a long-time parent- and child-advocate. He co-parents a child with a rare genetic variation and significant developmental differences. Ryan has co-founded several relationship building organizations and projects, including:

    •, an all-volunteer organization that supports the physical and emotional well being of parents, children, and communities.
    • Maitri House, a family-inclusive intentional community in the DC area that operates by values-based consensus.
    • The Human Support Group, a twice-monthly practice and support group for people of all ages.

Ryan has over ten years of experience in Nonviolent Communication, mindfulness, peer counseling, and parenting by connection. He also serves as research faculty at Georgetown University studying the biophysics of a variety of organisms and the bioethics of maternity care.