Circumcised as an Adult


I was born in 1949 in a small town in Mississippi. My father and his four brothers were all intact (not circumcised), and thanks to a sympathetic doctor I was kept intact, too, as was my brother who was born a year later.

The glans of my penis was an exquisitely sensitive portion of that organ covered by moist mucous membrane. Its sensitivity was due to the fact that it was kept under cover and protected except for washing and when I wanted to expose it during sex. My foreskin was used in all kinds of ways during sexual activity, and its inner surface was the most sensitive part of my penis (more sensitive than even the glans). Orgasms were so intense that my knees buckled if I climaxed standing up, and lying down my body would convulse as wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure rolled over my body from head to toe. I saw stars, flashing lights, my ears filled, and my legs stiffened. Following this period of orgasm (not a single moment but an extended period of orgasm), I definitely understood the slang term of being spent.

When I was 19 I was experiencing the normal adolescent feelings of not fitting in and decided that one way to be like my peers was to make my penis look like theirs (virtually all of my friends were circumcised). So I talked my father, doctor, and insurance company into elective circumcision.

Conventional wisdom at the time (which is still around today, unfortunately) said that there was no difference between being intact and being circumcised. Common sense should have told me otherwise, but I was young. Following circumcision, the constantly exposed glans dried out and its surface became ordinary skin rather than moist mucous membrane. The surface became calloused rather than delicate, and although the nerves were still there below the surface, the calloused, dry, and thicker skin of the glans definitely decreased sensation. In addition, the lack of moveable skin on the penis made sexual activity more difficult and usually required the use of lubricant (saliva or artificial) to avoid too much friction.

I married, and sexual intercourse was difficult for my wife and me. We had to make sure that there was enough lubrication (natural or artificial) to avoid the discomfort of friction for her, but not too much lubrication or I could not have enough glans sensation to reach orgasm easily.

Orgasms were still possible, of course, but they were not nearly as intense as when I was intact. I understand the metaphor that someone has offered of going from color to black and white. Needless to say I was not happy!

In 1987 I discovered a chapter in a book at the public library stating that non-surgical foreskin restoration was possible. I wrote off for the directions and fashioned homemade devices to restore my foreskin and protect my glans again.

My glans has resensitized and become a moist mucous membrane once again. The loose skin (which looks very natural and functions surprisingly naturally, too) makes masturbation and intercourse easy and more enjoyable for both myself and my wife.

I tell people on a scale of 1 to 10 that intact my sex life was a 10. Circumcised it was a 3, and restored it is a 7. Ill never have a 10 again (only God can design the perfect penis!), but a 7 is a heck of a lot better than a 3! (P.S. I have 2 intact young adult sons who are both grateful they were kept that way.)

Resident of Maryland.

For more information about restoration, visit the National Organization of Restoring Men.