Information About Brit Shalom

Brit Shalom is a flyer published by Jews Against Circumcision which addresses the cultural and religious issues around the ceremony of Brit Milah, and presents Brit Shalom as an alternative. It discusses how to preserve Jewish identity without circumcision.

Brit Shalom (Brit B'lee Milah) is a ceremony text for a "peaceful introduction into the Covenant."

A Non-Traditional "Circumcision" Ceremony, published in Mothering magazine, describes how Jewish parents inducted their son into the Jewish faith without circumcision.

The Alternative Bris Support Group provides information and support to Jewish parents who question circumcision. An information packet that addresses the Jewish issues associated with circumcision is available.
Contact: Helen Bryce
P.O. Box 1305
Capitola, CA 95010-1305
(831) 475-3313

Alternative Bris Providers

Rabbi Binyamin (Ben) Biber MSW
9039 Sligo Creek Pkwy #1410
Silver Spring MD 20901
(301) 563-6341

Mark David Reiss, M.D.
Vice President, Doctors Opposing Circumcision (DOC)
Coordinator, Celebrants of Brit Shalom
773 Duncan Street
San Francisco California 94131
(415) 647-2687

Mohel Moshe Rothenberg, C.S.W.
715 Ocean Parkway Apt 2K
Brooklyn NY 11230
(718) 859-0650

Deb Godden, Madrikha
7501 Central Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912
(301) 891-4944

Rabbi Judith Seid
623 Lake Drive
Baltimore MD 21286
(410) 583-9719

For a list of additional Brit Shalom providers around the U.S., please click here. If you are a Brit Shalom provider and would like to be listed, please contact us.

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